Arundel Town Hall Wedding – Dale & Daniel – A Picture-Perfect Celebration in West Sussex

The journey of this gay Arundel Town Hall wedding began in a quaint cottage in West Sussex. The day kicked off with groom prep photography, capturing intimate moments and details that set the tone for what was to be a memorable day at the Arundel Town Hall.

Captivating Scenes around Arundel

Before the ceremony, we explored Arundel with our groomsmen in tow, the town is a gem for wedding photography. Arundel Castle provided a regal backdrop, while the serene beauty of South Downs National Park framed romantic shots that would be cherished for a lifetime.

An Iconic Venue: Arundel Town Hall Wedding

Nestled in the historic heart of West Sussex, Arundel Town Hall is the perfect venue for those looking for an idyllic setting with timeless charm. This iconic venue was the backdrop for the civil ceremony that resonated with love and joy.

The Elegance of Blue and White

Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of West Sussex, the wedding’s color palette featured navy blue, dusty blue, and pristine whites. These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also symbolise depth, trust, and new beginnings – the perfect representation of a budding marital bond.

Arundel Town Hall Décor Details

Attention to detail was evident in the wedding décor at Arundel Town Hall. Upstairs, the dinner scene was set with trestle tables adorned with white linen and dusty blue table runners. Centerpieces showcased jars filled with local flowers like delphinium, gypsophila, eucalyptus, and white roses. Rainbow badges were used as wedding favours and a soda drink, Kinnie, was served in bottles on the tables. Kinnie is a Maltese bittersweet carbonated soft drink brewed from bitter oranges and extracts of wormwood, and is part of Dale’s childhood from growing up in Malta.

Meanwhile, the downstairs space was transformed into a lively celebration area, boasting a rainbow balloon arch, black draping illuminated by fairy lights, and neon rainbow signs – all perfectly complemented by the DJ’s pulsating lights for the First Dance, and I had set my flash gun gels to match the colour palette.

The ambiance of the evening was set by a curated playlist of pop music spanning various decades. The Arundel Town Hall echoed with laughter, joy, and the beats that had everyone dancing in celebration of love.

Sweet Endings with Rainbow Cupcakes

What better way to conclude a vibrant Arundel Town Hall wedding than with rainbow cupcakes? A delicious symbol of the diverse facets of love.

In summary, this Arundel Town Hall wedding was a testimony that love knows no bounds. A blend of historical grandeur, the pristine beauty of West Sussex, and heartwarming celebrations made this a day to remember. If you’re considering a wedding venue that offers both charm and elegance, Arundel Town Hall should be at the top of your list.


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