Rainy Wedding Photography – Stunning photographs in wet weather

Wet Weather Wedding Photographs, Rainy Wedding Photography & Winter Wedding Photography

Katie & Douglas, Brewerstreet Farmhouse Wedding, Redhill, Surrey
Nilesh & Kasia Wedding, The Bingham Hotel, Richmond, London

Rainy Wedding photography in the wet weather conditions – Shooting winter weddings or summer showers, whatever the weather, I always aim to create amazing wedding photographs in rain, snow, wind, grey clouds or (when weather really is bad) indoors! I don’t insist on brides and grooms trudging through the bad weather, but if you’re up for it, maybe don some wellington boots, brave the bad weather and get ready to shoot some really creative wedding photography. If you’d prefer to stay indoors, we can always get some stunning wedding photographs indoors, using some creative lighting techniques and the architecture and location of your wedding venue.

Chloe & Ben, Wotton House Hotel Wedding, Dorking, Surrey

This wedding was in the summer, but after the ceremony the heavens opened so we got creative for some rainy wedding photography. This photo was taken just in the doorway of the venue with the car park in the background. Some heavy underexposure and off camera flash captured the stunning pattern created by the rain drops underneath one of my wedding umbrellas supplied as standard with any wedding photography package.

Rain on your wedding day

Feel free to discuss with your wedding photographer about their experience shooting rainy wedding photography in wet weather and shooting in difficult conditions. You want to feel confident in your photographer that they’re able to create great rainy wedding photography in bad weather. I love shooting summer weddings, in gorgeous sunlight, but I always enjoy the challenge (and rewards) of shooting in weddings in the rain or snow. If you think it’s going to rain on your wedding day, you could be in for some surprisingly awesome wedding photographs!

Giulietta & David, Grittenham Barn Wedding, Tillington, West Sussex

Giulietta & David had intermittent rain throughout their wedding day. After a shower of rain, we caught this photograph of the two of them in front of an amazing rainbow.

Top tips for Rainy Wedding Photography

Here are a few tips for some great winter wedding photography.

1. I always have a white wedding umbrella with me for these kinds of photographs. You could buy your own, or buy a collection for the bridal party to get great winter wedding photographs outdoors. I’ll always keep you as dry as possible, using the umbrella and any available shelter, such as doorways, arches and trees to shelter you from the rain.

Amy & Sam, Grittenham Barn Wedding, Petworth, West Sussex
Stephanie & Christopher, St Georges Church Wedding, Fortnum & Mason, London

2. Enjoy your rainy wedding photography, keep laughing and smiling whether you’re indoors keeping warm, or braving it outside under the brolly.

Joanna & Christopher, Edes House Wedding, Chichester Harbour Hotel, Chichester, West Sussex

3. If you’re getting married in winter months, consider a warm layer, such as a warm jacket or pashmina wrap (Joanna above had a cloak!) to keep you warm during wedding photographs. If you don’t quite want to go outside in the cold and wet weather, doorways are a great location for shooting bridal portraits!

Wet weather conditions at weddings

Jade & Josh, Nonsuch Mansion Wedding, St Stephens Church, Dulwich, London

4. Experienced wedding photographer’s will have creative ideas for wedding photographs indoors. With a little help from off camera flash, and some of the ambient light at the wedding venue, we can always create beautiful wedding photography inside. We can also shoot your group photographs indoors, but it’s worth thinking about how much space at the venue you have to work with.

Joanna & Christopher, Edes House Wedding, Chichester Harbour Hotel, Chichester, West Sussex

5. Now that you’re prepared for beautiful wedding photography come rain or shine, be aware that weather conditions do change quickly. If you’re really lucky, you may get a mix of both rain and sunshine during your wedding day. Nicole & Stephen (below) had rain intermittently during their wedding day, and at the end of the day, in some very light rain, we got this photograph on the footbridge in Henley-on-Thames.

Nicolle & Stephen, Phyllis Court Club Wedding, Henley on Thames, Berkshire

6. Consider your footwear in winter weddings; spare shoes, particularly flat comfortable shoes, wellington boots (particularly in the countryside or heel protectors for your amazing wedding heels. It will make it a lot easier to walk on soft grass or wet ground if you do want to go outside in your wedding dress. Sam & Laura trekked through a small field, determined to get to the lake near Chapel Barn for some shots in the rain!

Sam & Laura Wedding, Chapel Barn, West Sussrex

7. A spare pair of hands is always very helpful. Ensure you’ve nominated a bridesmaid or the best man for assisting with rain wedding photography. They can be really helpful for holing the umbrella when it’s raining or spare coats/shoes at winter weddings.

Winter Wedding Photography

Scott & Victoria, Lainston House Wedding, Winchester, Hampshire

8. When getting married in the winter, it’s worth considering your wedding venue very carefully. You want a location that has lots of options for indoor wedding photography, as well as doorways or sheltered areas where you might be able to still go outside to get some photographs in the cold weather.

Areas where there is a patio, gravel or paving so that you don’t need to walk on soft grass if you’re outside in cold weather – even if it is bright and sunny, the ground can still be wet or muddy in the winter. You also want somewhere with lots of illumination for some photographs in the evening when the sun has set to get some great wedding photographs outside.

9. You won’t really know what the weather forecast will be more than around 36-48 hours before the day. This should give you a bit of time (amongst all the last minute wedding planning chaos) to go out and buy some last minute umbrellas and shoes if you need them!

Winter & Rainy Wedding Photography

Alistair & Sarah, Dale Hill Golf Club Wedding, Ticehurst, East Sussex

Alistair & Sarah got married at Dale Hill Golf Club and had drizzly rain all day. Among the many photographs we did both indoors and outside, we got this photograph in the archway through to the golf course.

Laura & Darren, St Margaret The Queen Church Wedding, Buxted, East Sussex
Anna-Karin & Robert, Firle Place Wedding, Lewes, East Sussex



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