Hanbury Manor Wedding – Rebecca & Ali’s Stunning Summer Wedding in Hertfordshire

Hanbury Manor Wedding

Capturing Everlasting Moments: A Coral Pink Affair at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel

When love blossoms in the Hertfordshire, a Hanbury Manor Wedding – at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel is a wonderful affair. Recently, I had the pleasure of documenting a beautiful celebration at this exquisite venue, where every detail spoke volumes about the couple’s unique love story. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enchanting details of this Hanbury Manor wedding, where coral pink hues and delightful surprises marked the beginning of a lifetime together.

Hanbury Manor Wedding Ceremony: Orangery Elegance

The couple chose the Orangery at Hanbury Manor for their civil ceremony – a decision that added a touch of timeless elegance to the proceedings. With lush greenery and natural light pouring through the conservatory, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical.

The Orangery was adorned with white chair covers, complemented by pearl pink sashes that draped gracefully, creating an ethereal setting for the exchange of vows. The colour palette for the day was a delightful coral pink, infusing every element with warmth and romance.

Hanbury Manor Wedding Reception

The sun shone brightly over the wedding reception held in the walled garden next to the Orangery, and the colourful purple flowers and lavender that adorn the walkways in the garden were key compositional elements in some of the photographs we shot of Rebecca and Ali. The bridal veil floated gracefully with a little bit of help from one of the bridesmaids, and the circular entrance to the walled garden created a wonderful, framed composition for the couple portraits.

Floral centrepieces adorned each table, creating a feast for the eyes. The round bouquet carried by the bride was a masterpiece of its own, featuring white roses, coral pink roses, and peonies, all wrapped in green foliage. The floral arrangements seamlessly blended with the coral pink theme, and the coral pinks were complimented by the flowers in the hotel gardens.

Disposable Camera Games & Personalized Sweetness: Chocolate Brownie Delight

The wedding breakfast was not just a feast for the senses but also a chance for guests to actively participate in creating lasting memories. Disposable cameras adorned the tables, sparking creativity and spontaneous moments – it’s great when guests get involved in the wedding photography! Laughter, joy, and candid snapshots added an extra layer of fun to the festivities.

Dessert became a personal affair with individually wrapped chocolate brownies. Each sweet delight bore the couple’s names and wedding date, becoming not just a treat for the taste buds but also a cherished keepsake for guests to take home.

A Wedding Cake to Remember

The three-tier traditional white wedding cake was adorned with flowers that mirrored the bride’s bouquet, creating a delightful visual connection between the various elements of the celebration.

At golden hour, we were able to use the golf buggy to explore the rest of the hotel grounds, creating some wonderful portraits by the lake and fountain, before the wedding cake was cut and the first dance kicked off back at the Orangery.

In conclusion, this Hanbury Manor wedding was a symphony of love, colour, and carefully crafted details. From the coral pink accents to the disposable camera games and personalised chocolate brownies, every aspect spoke to the couple’s personality and journey together.

For those dreaming of a Hanbury Manor wedding, let this celebration be an inspiration – a testament to the fact that the magic is in the details, and every nuance of your love story deserves to be captured and cherished for a lifetime.

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