De Vere Latimer Estate Summer Wedding – Laura & James Breathtaking Wedding Day

Latimer Estate Wedding

A De Vere Latimer Estate summer wedding; love feels like it is well and truly in the air, the most magical moments are often woven into the tapestry of a couple’s special day. And there’s no place quite like the historic De Vere Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire to witness a love story unfold in all its splendor. With a backdrop steeped in history and charm, this beautiful venue recently played host to a wedding looked amazing. I had the honour of documenting every unforgettable moment, and I can’t wait to share the story of Laura and James’s remarkable wedding day.

Bride and Groom Prep: The day began with anticipation and excitement as Laura and James got ready for their wedding. The bride’s bridal suite exuded elegance and grace, with its large windows allowing natural light to flood in, and we had a whole other room next door as a staging area, which meant the videographer and I could shoot all our detail shots easily! Her bridesmaids were by her side, helping her get into her stunning gown, creating a warm and emotional atmosphere that set the tone for the day, we also had fun grabbing a few quick pictures in the room before running to the church. Meanwhile, the groom and his groomsmen were equally radiant in their own space, sharing laughter and camaraderie as they dressed for the occasion.

The Hotel Grounds – De Vere Latimer Estate Summer Wedding:

The De Vere Latimer Estate’s lush and picturesque surroundings provided a breathtaking canvas for the day’s events. The estate’s historic architecture, with its ivy-covered walls and charming courtyards, made for stunning backdrops that added a touch of timeless elegance to the photos. From capturing Laura’s father walking her down the aisle in the church to the newlyweds sharing their first kiss as a married couple, this De Vere Latimer Estate Summer Wedding – was such a magical day.

Golden Hour in the Countryside Fields:

As the day continued, we seized the opportunity to capture some enchanting golden hour moments in the neighbouring countryside fields. Laura and James’s love seemed to radiate in the warm, soft light of the setting sun. The rolling hills, with their wheat crops and tall grasses, provided a serene backdrop that allowed the couple to connect intimately while we documented their love story. The golden hour lighting added a touch of romance and drama, transforming these photographs into captivating works of art. I also had a great time experimenting with both wide and telephoto lenses as the height of the hillside allowed lots of different perspectives.

The final collection of photographs from Laura and James’s De Vere Latimer Estate summer wedding encapsulated the essence of their love story beautifully. Each image told a story of joy, romance, and the special connection between two people celebrating their love. From the intimate moments during prep to the breathtaking golden hour shots in the countryside fields, we had the privilege of capturing the day’s magic.

De Vere Latimer Estate has once again (this is my second wedding there, check out the first here) proven itself to be a dream wedding destination. The history, the ambiance, and the natural beauty of the surroundings all came together to create a truly memorable day for Laura and James. It was our pleasure to document this stunning wedding, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase the love that radiated from this remarkable couple. If you’re planning your wedding at De Vere Latimer Estate or any other breathtaking location in Buckinghamshire, consider hiring a professional wedding photographer who can capture the magic of your day, just as we did for Laura and James. Your love story deserves to be told in a way that will last a lifetime.



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