Preview: Fitzleroi Barn Wedding Photography – Alex & Jack’s Autumnal Barn Wedding

Alex & Jack, Fitzleroi Barn Wedding, Pulborough, West Sussex

Fitzleroi barn wedding photography shot yesterday in the beautiful West Sussex countryside. Alex and Jack were great to work with, and we were really lucky with sunshine throughout the entire day to capture shots using the country lanes and South Downs National Park as the backdrop.

Fitzleroi Barn Weddings in Autumn

I’ve photographed a few weddings at Fitzleroi Barn, and it’s different every time, due to crop rotations and different seasons. This time, in autumn, the sun was lower in the sky to give some great golden lighting on the sweeping fields in front of the south downs. Click here to see some other weddings shot at Fitzelroi Barn.

Photographing this venue a few times already, I wanted to find new and exciting ways to explore the landscape and backgrounds. Walking up the country lane past the barn, there’s a small ridge giving a bit more height for some landscape style wedding photography. The light was just starting to get really good, and the landscape around Fitzleroi Barn was much better from this viewpoint.

Alex & Jack, Fitzleroi Barn Wedding, Pulborough, West Sussex

West Sussex Wedding Photography at Golden Hour

The light was really strong, so a bit of off camera flash was needed to balance the exposure, allowing a bit more underexposure in the background to retain the colour in the sky, and a some softened flash in the foreground on the bride and groom. Here’s a wide angle shot (above) and a telephoto capturing the golden sunset colours starting in the sky.

Alex & Jack, Fitzleroi Barn Wedding, Pulborough, West Sussex

The first dance was beautifully lit with festoon lighting in the barn that the bride and groom had decorated the rafters of the barn with. Some off camera flash worked well for this shot too. For our final shot, I wanted to try something a bit special. The sky had been pretty clear all day, so I was expecting a clear night, and wasn’t disappointed. A long exposure and a bit of flash fired once to highlight the bride and groom allowed me to capture this starry night photograph over the West Sussex countryside. Have a look at some other Sussex wedding photography on the blog here.

Alex & Jack, Fitzleroi Barn Wedding, Pulborough, West Sussex


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